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Heartburn Neutralizer

Simple Facts About Heartburn

October 21 2015, 01:34am

Posted by Cynthia Forster

Simple Facts About Heartburn

Do you feel tightness in chest or nauseous after meals? You may suffer from heartburn. So what is heartburn? How does it feel like? What happens when you have one right now?

Heartburn arises when the stomach acid makes it way upwards instead of downwards. For digestion to start, the stomach combines food, acids, and digestive enzymes together. The stomach lining has special protective cells that prevent the acid from causing inflammation. However, there is no protection for the esophagus. Imagine the acid and digestive enzymes reflux back into the esophagus! The lining of the esopahgus will be inflamed,

Heartburn happens after a big meal. It can happen when you lie down. If you are fortunate, it will disappear in a few minutes. Otherwise, it can continue for hours. Don't be comfortable yet. It is not over entirely. It can recur if stress or bad diet is employed.

Chronic heartburn is a major problem as the total well being and productivity is dropped. It can gradually develop into Barrett's esophagus and in later stages, you may find yourself with esophageal cancer. The good part about it is that you have a wide range of methods to cure acid reflux.

To avoid heartburn, stop consuming citrus fruits, caffeine, fried food, fatty foods, tomatoes, alcohol, chocolate, and spicy foods. They contains a lot of acid.

If you have acid reflux occurs, over-the-counter antacids usually work. They include sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium or aluminum salts that neutralize the acid in the stomach. Antacids perform best when you take them just before the symptoms after a meal or one hour after eating. If it doesn't relieve your pain, see your doctor and you may be prescribed with medications that reduce the amount of acid secreted by the stomach.

For GERD, the healing process takes time. So be patient. Once you eliminate the underlying causes of your GERD without drugs, you need to heal the weakened digestive system so it can work properly.